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Leader since 1965

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Metalrota Srl operates both nationally and internationally and produces on an area of 6500m2 of which 3200m2 producing gearboxes for traction systems and 3300m2 producing electric motors. Formed in 1965, it was the first Italian Company manufacturing drivewheels complete of electric motors; now offers a complete catalogue of tractions systems, DC, AC and Synchronous AC PMS motors, differential units, steering and / or lifting systems by coupling its own motors from 250Kw to 50Kw with gearboxes and hydraulic pumps.

Strength of Metalrotaís production system is the wide variety of gear ratios and gearboxes on which we can assemble our motorís technologies, with different windings, correctly matching the application. On request, it is possible to get many solutions and customized variants for the realization of the product, plus all the accessories and optional which may be assembled on. All this to satisfy an increasingly demanding market, to meet which Metalrota is keen to interact with customers for an optimal result.

The Company continuously invests on equipment and machineries for the improvement of the productís quality: that’s how we were able to get an efficient and integrated production line, equipped with machining centres and CNC lathes guaranteeing high quality levels and allowing a complete and efficient manufacturing process on all the materials and components for our products.


DC, AC and PMS ELECTRIC MOTORS from 250W up to 50kW, from 12V up to 96V.

DRIVEWHEELS with maximum wheel load from 400kg up to 6000kg, moved with electric motors from 12 up to 96V, realized with many different constructive configurations and different types of tyre.

DIFFERENTIAL UNITS with electric motors from 250W up to 6kW, available with flanges, brakes, with many different configurations and features.

MOTORPUMPS with displacements between 1.1 and 51.4 cm3/rev. and electric motors from 500 up to 20kW.

GEARMOTORS with 1, 2, 3 stages, cycloid reducers, from 250W up to 5kW, with gear ratios between 1:7 and 1:308.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may require at e-mail address or call us at +(39) 059315204 (fax. 0039 59 450439).

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