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Motor Pumps

High torques, Lifting or Steering Solutions


Metalrota motor pumps can be realized with DC, AC or brushless (synchronous) motors. According to the application, we can supply windings for high torques solutions, lifting or traction, in which the intensive use of the motor needs great flexibility, and for steering systems, assuring optimum performance in continuous service. The gear pumps can reach pressures up to 300 bar. On request, silenced pumps are available: they reduce approximately 15dBa compared to the conventional ones and they can be useful to those applications in which low noise levels are required.

Class F (DC) or H (asynchronous and brushless) motor insulation is possible thanks to a class H Superior insulation wire that has a thermal resistance of 210°C. Double shielded ball bearings are characterized by an internal lubrication and delivered by important suppliers such as NSK and NTN.
These high-quality components have been selected in order to assure the use flexibility needed by an electric motor. Thanks to them, motors designed for short term service can satisfy heavy load applications (e.g. lifting).

Our motors are designed for battery operated vehicles:

– From 12V up to 96V
– From 300W up to 30kW of nominal power
– Motors can be supplied with a protection grade from IP20 up to IP65
– Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards.
– Vibration degree (EN 60034-14 IEC 60034-14): motor vibrations are completely eliminated thanks to the précised balancing of the Standard rotor DIN ISO 8821 up to the nominal speed.
– Our products are manufactured complying the EN 60034, IEC 60034 standards and the REACH 81907/2009/CE, RoHS (95/2002/CE + 65/2011/CE) environmental protection regulations.elettropompe-3

The following optionals are available on demand:

– Thermal protection
– Contactors
– Double and triple pumps
– Pressure relief valves
– Forced ventilation
– Speed sensors

The majority of our motor pumps are sold with our traction systems, like drive wheels and differentials, or our homemade reducers.

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