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Our Motors: PMS, AC, DC

Motori brushless metalrota modena


Energy saving is the main goal for the development and the conversion to the new technology of PMS.
Brushless Motor is a synchronous motor with permanent rare earth magnets on the rotor and has the main advantage of providing a constant torque even at very low speed. Controller supplies the correct current just enough to achieve the required torque, reducing battery consumption. BL Series of PMS motors was born to fulfil customer requirements on improvements of motors efficiency, developing the capabilities of getting an high torque even when motor is running at low speed.

motori elettrico corrente alternata metalrota modena italia made in italy


Metalrota AC motors are mostly designed for traction applications. In this case, the motor works intensively and needs great flexibility, in order to guarantee a huge number of high torques during the starting and acceleration processes and get optimum performance at high speed.

motori elettrico a corrente continua metalrote modena italia made in italy


Quality and reliability over all, for a ruggedized motor with an high efficiency, most of all where the application is intensive and continuative

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