Our  AC motors,  designed and developed by our motor engineers are manufactured in our plants in Modena Italy with the highest quality components coming from worldwide known and  extremely reliable suppliers.

According to the application, we can design and customize countless  motor windings  to satisfy the customer's needs and provide maximum efficency.

– Optimum performance at low speed with high stall torques, assuring handling precision.

– Optimum performance at high speed assuring the maximum vehicle's transfer efficency.

– Optimum performance at medium speed when compromises between the stall torque and the transfer speed is needed.

Our AC motors are specifically designed for low voltage applications:

– From 24V up to 120V

– From 300W up to 40kW of nominal power

All of our AC motors are designed with speed sensors and thermal sensors integrated inside the motor.

All of our AC motors are designed and manufactured with H superior class wires with thermal resistance up to 210°, the motor stator is treated with epoxy resins to increase rigidity.

Available upon request:

– Electromagnetic brakes: from 5Nm up to 100Nm, with or without hand release lever

– Thermal protection

– Incremental/absolute encoders

– Splined shafts, special and custom flanges, foot mountings

–International Protection from IP20 up to IP65

Our products are manufactured complying with IEC and European standards.

Vibration degree (EN 60034-14 IEC 60034-14): motor vibrations are completely eliminated thanks to the précised balancing of the Standard rotor DIN ISO 8821 up to the nominal speed.

Our products are manufactured complying the EN 60034, IEC 60034 standards and the REACH 81907/2009/CE, RoHS (95/2002/CE + 65/2011/CE) environmental protection regulations.